Salt Spreaders

For those that live in the Northern United States, you probably get quite a few snowstorms and sometimes, ice storms. A salt spreader attachment for your tractor can be invaluable, when it comes to maintaining long driveways and small country roads, or maintaining your own parking lot, if you own a business. There are salt spreaders that can be attached to your pickup truck and many people that buy them offer services to others, which can make them recoup the investment in the equipment quite easily.

If you live in urban areas, then you realize how expensive it can be to have a parking lot or long driveway salted. Many of those that buy a salt spreader will also buy a large truckload of salt to keep on hand at all times, because you can buy it cheaper by the dump truckload and you will use it, especially if you are salting for others. Because salt spreaders don't take up that much room, they are a fairly small and portable attachment for your truck or tractor, but they can be invaluable after a storm to clear roads to help you get around, or make extra money by salting parking lots for businesses.

If you are in the landscaping business, a plow and salt spreader can turn your pickup into a winter business. In fact, anybody that has a pickup truck can easily find work, when the snow starts falling, especially if they have access to salt spreaders and some salt or hydrochloride, which melts ice, even at the lowest temperatures. Many of those that take on this sideline as a winter business can find themselves working around the clock after a major snowstorm. During especially snowy winters, this equipment can turn into a highly profitable business that can make up for the lack of landscaping business available.

Usually, main highways and city roads are plowed and salted, but many subdivisions will have to hire the job done, and many businesses will contract a company to automatically come, after a certain amount of snow has fallen, typically three inches. You can see where it can become lucrative in the snowier regions, where it is a necessity just to get around. You can find this equipment used from private sellers that might be upgrading, or dealers that sell traded in salt spreaders, so this might be the most affordable option to get started.

We offer a convenient location to find the listings of the private sellers and dealers that might have the perfect deal on a salt spreader to suit your needs. The problem can be finding the listings when they are in the marketplace, but if they are listed, chances are you might find them on our site. We strive to offer a convenient place to locate them so you don't have to spend days and weeks looking. Sometimes, it might be an impulsive purchase just before the next snowstorm, so timing can mean being in the right place to start your winter sideline business.

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