Sheep Clippers

If you are new to raising sheep, you are going to need some good sheep clippers or sheep shears, as they are often referred to. You can find them for anywhere between $250 to $500 for a good set. Dull blades can pull the wool, which hurts the sheep. The blades will normally be under $20 each, but you have to calculate you will need 3 cutters for every comb blade.

When you are raising sheep, they are normally sheared at least once a year, in the spring, so they don't get so hot in the summer months. The average American sheep will yield a little over seven pounds of wool. There are some sheep farmers that shear the sheep twice a year. It is always good to shear the sheep before they start lambing, because they take up less room, it is easier for the lamb to nurse, and it's just less waste of messy wool.

When you start raising sheep, you might not be thinking about buying sheep clippers or sheep shears, or even about how much work shearing a sheep can be. Larger, commercial sheep farms will have somebody shear the sheep for them, but the smaller farmers will need their own equipment and will need to learn how to shear the sheep, skirt the wool, and package it. You should make sure that you fast the sheep before shearing, if you are going to be doing it yourself, to make it cleaner in the shearing area.

If you have more than a few sheep, you should make sure you invest as much as you can afford in a good pair of sheep clippers or sheep shears. This is a piece of equipment you will be using at least once a year, but the sheep farmers that shear twice a year can get higher yield on their wool, and it is less contaminated by dirt and plant matter or other discoloring. The electric sheep clippers allow a professional sheep shearer to clip a sheep per minute, but your results won't be nearly as quick when you first start out.

The sheep shears or sheep clippers can be purchased used from private sellers that are upgrading their operations or liquidating. This can be a good way to get what you need, because they might have a good inventory of the blades you will need, which can be more costly than the actual equipment. Part of the problem is finding the listings from the private sellers or dealers that might have them listed in the marketplace.

We specialize in making it easier to find these listings in a convenient location. This can save you weeks of browsing the Internet looking for them. When you are new to raising sheep for wool, it can be helpful to purchase equipment from a private seller that is willing to give you helpful tips, as well.

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