Poultry Feeders

If you are going to raise chickens, poultry feeders are a necessity that helps to save food and keeps it from getting wet or ruined by throwing it on the ground. It is more sanitary for the chickens and less mess to clean up. Many of the chicken feeders can be filled from outside of the chicken coop, which makes it convenient to refill when you need to.

Of course, you should keep them close to the watering tanks or dishes because chickens will commonly go back and forth quite often. If you have free-ranging chickens, you still need poultry feeders to add vitamins and natural nutrients to their diet, and keep the food clean and fresh. Chickens aren't necessarily that picky, but to keep them from getting diseases and other illnesses, it is best to have sanitary chicken feeders for them to eat from.

How much food to feed can be dependent on the situation of the chickens, such as how many, what size and whether they free-range, eating a lot of insects and grain seeds, for example. Chickens love table scraps, including any kind of greens, fruit peelings and cores, bread and some chickens will eat meat that has been cooked.

You can buy all-purpose laying mash and add scratch feed, but some people prefer to feed them corn because it makes their egg yolks darker and makes the eggs healthier with more beta-carotene. If you are feeding laying hens, you will need to add crushed oyster shell to make the eggshells stronger and they need a little grit or they can have a hard time digesting their food.

As you can see, there are a number of different choices for feeding your chickens, including free ranging. You may have to plan on feed to get them through winter, especially in colder climates, however. If you scatter seed on the ground, some of it will be wasted and you'll end up with seeds growing into plants or weeds where you might not want them. In fact, many farmers will consider hanging poultry feeders for this reason, so they are at the chicken's neck height, which can make it harder for them to spill and waste seed.

You need to figure about four inches of feeder space per chicken, especially on trough style feeders or hoppers. You also have to consider whether you will be supplementing their normal mash, for example, laying hens should be getting 15% protein or more and you might have two mixtures of chicken feed, which would demand more feeders, strategically placed for larger flocks of chickens.

No matter what kind of feed or diet you plan to feed the chickens, you want to be sure that they don't run out of feed, and you want to make sure that you don't end up with a whole lot of leftover feed that can get moist and mold. You have to clean your feeders frequently, so keep this in mind. If you are looking for some good used chicken feeders, finding the listings of the ones offered by private sellers and dealers can be more convenient by using our source, to help you locate feeders offered in the marketplace, without too much searching.

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