Poultry Pluckers

If you are raising chickens, turkeys or geese for organic meat for your family, you have probably plucked a few chickens and realize what a mess it can be. You can only imagine those that raise organic poultry for resale. To pluck a chicken by hand, you have to scald them in water at 140 to 150 degrees to get the feathers out easier. You still have to do this step, if you buy a chicken plucker or poultry plucker, which de-feathers your birds for you, but they are less messy.

The important difference is that a mechanical chicken plucker can strip a bird of its feathers in less than a minute. In fact, a chicken can be done in as little as thirty seconds, including the pin feathers which can take hours, if you are plucking by hand. When you are done, you don't have to get the feathers un-stuck from your hands, the poultry, or the tub you are doing it in. These pieces of equipment can be bought for small farm usage around five hundred dollars, if you know where to look. Of course, you can find private sellers that might sell them for less.

The way that a poultry plucker works, is that it has a revolving drum that is moved mechanically by an electric motor. There are revolving fingers sticking out of the drum that rotate and "whip" the feathers out of the bird as you are holding it against the mechanism, rotating the bird as you go. It takes a little bit to get the technique down, but you can move rather quickly and end up with clean, plucked poultry when you get done.

There are various models on the market, and some are more effective than others, but when you are raising poultry for meat, this is a necessary part of the processing, whether it is for your family, or for resale. A poultry plucker can be an invaluable piece of equipment on a poultry farm, whether it is for chicken, geese, turkey or duck.

You can sometimes find these unique pieces of farming equipment on the marketplace by private sellers, if you know where to look. You can save money if they are upgrading their equipment or getting out of the industry, but you have to know where these private sellers feature their listings, when they are on the market. That is where our website can save time and effort, because we specialize in a convenient location to find them, whether for sale by private sellers, or dealers that might feature these chicken pluckers.

Once you have used one, you will find them an invaluable part of your poultry operation, especially when it comes to processing and de-feathering. The time they save makes a good plucker well worth what you pay for it. If you have not seen one of these ingenious contraptions, they are a piece of equipment you should definitely investigate for your poultry operation.

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Yardbird Chicken Plucker - Model# 21833

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Easy Plucker - Duck Plucker with drill.

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