Poultry Netting

Poultry netting, or chicken wire as some people call it, has been revolutionized in recent years. There are more options available than the traditional galvanized metal fencing that chicken wire or poultry netting has become known for. As an example, you can now get recycled plastic alternatives to the metal mesh fencing that comes in rolls and cuts with scissors, doesn't leave sharp edges and is UV resistant.

There are a variety of uses for poultry netting besides fencing in the area that you keep your chickens, although that is the most traditional usage. Some people will line their balconies or other decorative fencing to protect small children and pets from squeezing through, for their safety. Other people will use it to protect their gardens, and some people use it for craft projects, too!

Even if you are using it to protect your chicken runs, or for screening the top of the chicken yard to protect your chickens from predatory birds like hawks and owls, poultry netting is affordable and easy to install. The all purpose hex shaped netting has reinforcement wires, when it is made from galvanized metal, so it is stronger than it might first appear, especially when pulled taut. It is actually quite durable and resistant to deformities when properly installed.

When you consider that you can get it in a variety of widths, such as 12, 24, 36, 48 and even 72 inches, and rolls that are 50 up to 150 feet long, it is easy to fence an area quickly and affordably. For example, you can usually get a roll of 48 inch wide poultry netting in a 150 foot roll for under a hundred dollars. You can get whatever widths you want, and still not spend very much on your chicken fencing.

For small farm or the urban chicken farmers, it is a great way to protect your poultry from pests and keep them confined in a lightweight cage that can be moved fairly easily. Many people will build sections of wall that can be hinged together to form different configurations that can be easily disassembled and moved in sections with the lightweight poultry netting.

For those that are using the chickens to fertilize their yard and eat the insects like ticks and beetles, this is a great way to make a protective chicken yard that can be easily moved around your yard. You can also expand the chicken yards or chicken runs as your flock increases, by using the poultry netting and wooden framed sections that can be easily disassembled or moved.

There are a number of private sellers and dealers that offer great deals on the poultry netting, if you know where to look. We offer a convenient website that features these listings to save you time, when you are searching for poultry netting. If it is on the market, chances are you will find the listings on our website, whether it is being sold by private sellers that specialize in small animal fencing, or the dealers that offer prices close to wholesale.

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48-In. x 150-Ft. Galvanized Poultry Net PayPal

48-In. x 150-Ft. Galvanized Poultry Net

Price: $54.99 (0 Bids)
Hex Netting, Vinyl Black, 16 gauge, 3'x150', 1.5" PayPal

Hex Netting,  Vinyl Black,  16 gauge,  3'x150',  1.5"

Price: $200.00 (0 Bids)
Hex Netting, Vinyl Green, 16 gauge, 3'x150', 1.5" PayPal

Hex Netting,  Vinyl Green,  16 gauge,  3'x150',  1.5"

Price: $190.00 (0 Bids)