Egg Incubators

If you are just starting a small poultry farm, or if you are thinking about venturing into the exotic birds, egg incubators are a crucial part of your operation, if you are willing to take a few risks. There are a few things you need to know about using egg incubators, and even if you are planning to raise exotic, high dollar birds, like emus or ostrich, you should start out with chicken eggs for practice. The main reason for this is that an emu or ostrich egg or chick can cost you upwards of a thousand dollars, but a breeding pair of the birds can be worth almost $100,000, with proven success, it is well worth the practice.

When you are looking at egg incubators, you should consider the self-turning models, because otherwise, you have to commit to three times a day. The other thing you will need is a way to keep the humidity or moisture level at the recommended amounts for the eggs you are incubating, and this will demand that you also have a hygrometer to keep track. Other than that, a constant temperature around 99 degrees is important, but hatching your own birds aren't that hard, once you get the basics down.

The only reason you might consider practice, is that the survival rate of incubated eggs is not 100%, so even under the best situations, it can be risky. As the baby birds evolve, the moisture levels become more important, and you have to keep turning them, like a mother bird would do, to keep them from sticking to the side. When you think about hatching baby birds from eggs, it is amazing how much a mother bird can instinctively do, and this is evident by learning about egg incubators.

When you are raising chicken eggs, you can afford a mortality rate as high as 55%, but the bigger the eggs, the more they cost, so even geese, peacocks, and other birds besides the exotics, can cost you, if you don't know what you are doing and don't understand how to use egg incubators. Once you have mastered it, you will find it can be quite easy, and you can get a volume discount from hatcheries that normally sell in larger volumes.

Of course, this is something you should consider when you are estimating the costs of your hatchling operation. If you are going to be selling hatching eggs, you might need to end up incubating them, and you may also need to consider that you could need a private source for hatching eggs and the incubators you are going to need. Because hatcheries won't sell small quantities, this is the option that smaller farmers may be faced with.

Knowing how to find the private sellers of egg incubators, hygrometers and other equipment you need for your hatching egg operation can be another story. You can browse the Internet for days and weeks and come up empty-handed. That is why we offer a convenient way to locate the private sellers of the supplies you will need for a successful hatching egg operation.

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Egg Incubator, 4-Dozen Capacity PayPal

Egg Incubator,  4-Dozen Capacity

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New Circulated Air Fan Kit  for Incubator

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