Hatching Eggs

When you are looking for hatching eggs for sale, you can find all different kinds of fancy chickens, in addition to the normal laying breeds. You can also find quail, guinea, goose, turkey, duck, peacock and pheasant hatching eggs for sale, if you want to experiment with stocking pasture land and wooded areas for sporting bird-hunting, or you just want to raise your own hatching eggs and breeding pairs of birds.

Incubating your own hatching eggs is a great way to start raising any kind of poultry or sporting birds, as long as you have an incubator, thermometer, hygrometer, and lots of patience! You can find incubators pretty affordably under $100, for the entire set-up. Sometimes, you can find them used from private sellers for less.

If you are going to buy an incubator, you might be able to find a self-turning model of incubator otherwise; you will need to turn the eggs about three times a day. For chickens, the incubation period is around 21 days, but incubation period for turkey eggs is around 28 days, where quail eggs incubate in 17 to 18 days. Any of the hatching eggs will need to have humidity levels ranging from 50% to 80% and the temperature should be around 99 degrees.

This information is for the smaller breeds of hatching eggs. If you are looking at larger bird eggs, such as emus or ostrich hatching eggs, you can expect an incubation period for emu eggs around 50 days, and an incubation period for ostrich eggs around 42-59 days. The prices on these eggs are more costly running anywhere from $1000 to $1500 per egg or hatched chick, although that is the most popular way to start exotic bird farms for meat, leather and feathers, or obviously raising them so that you can start your own operation with these high priced, high demand hatching eggs.

When it comes to these exotic bird eggs, you have to consider that the mortality rate is quite high for eggs and newborn chicks. But, when you consider that sexed pairs of chicks at the 3 to 6 month age can cost $6500 to $9500 and yearlings can cost $17,000 to $25,000, you can see where it can be a profitable gamble. In fact, proven breeding pairs of ostriches and emus can run between $45,000 and $90,000 per pair!

This makes incubating chicken eggs look like a much easier task, and certainly you should be experienced at it before you attempt to get into the higher dollar hatching eggs. You can buy chicken eggs in volume, so the mortality rate is not as significant, in terms of dollars lost. You will want to be successful at incubating several kinds of birds, and work your way up to the most expensive, so that you can gain the knowledge. In fact, many will incubate regular chicken eggs before getting into the fancy breeds, or any other kinds of bird eggs.

While many hatcheries require you to buy large volumes of eggs, you can find private sellers that have all kinds of hatching eggs for sale in smaller quantities. We provide an easy way to locate the listings of these private sellers so you can see what they have on the market.

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