Digital Hygrometers

If you are considering hatching eggs, with an egg incubator, a digital thermometer hygrometer is an essential part of the operation for successful hatchings. Of course, if you already have a thermometer to keep the egg incubator at a constant 99.5 degrees, then you still need to consider that you might need digital hygrometers to measure the humidity, which should stay around 50% for the first three weeks and increase to70% to 80% the remainder of the hatching period.

A digital thermometer hygrometer is helpful because you can easily see the readouts on both the temperature and humidity levels. Towards the end of the hatching or incubating period, humidity is crucial in making the air bubble large enough at the end of the egg for the baby chick to break through. On the other hand, if the humidity is too high, the bubble can get too large and cause the fluids in the egg to dry out quicker, which can harm the chick's growth.

The incubation for different kinds of eggs can vary, but chicken eggs are the most often hatched in the incubator, which can take 21 days. Of course, if you get into hatching exotic birds like emus and ostrich, the eggs can cost more than $1000, and the incubation period is between 48 and 53 degrees. Turning the eggs three times a day at least and having the proper temperature and humidity is important, so that the baby chick doesn't get stuck to the side of the shell, get overheated, or too cold in the shell. A digital thermometer hygrometer is the most accurate reading, when it comes to these important factors.

Of course, the more expensive the eggs you are hatching, the more crucial digital hygrometers become. You certainly don't want to end up with deformed birds, no matter what breed, whether chickens, quail, geese, pheasant, peacocks or ostriches. Proper humidity is something that more people don't realize, until they have had a few bad experiences.

There is more to hatching than an egg incubator. The eggs need the humidity as much as they need to be turned. You have to consider how a mother hen constantly turns the eggs, sits on them providing heat, and how the sweat and nesting material provide natural humidity. Those are conditions that have to be replicated when incubating eggs.

You can buy incubators that will turn the eggs automatically, and sometimes they will have thermometers built in, but often, digital hygrometers need to be purchased separately, because most egg incubators don't have them. The reason for this is that there are different ways to get the humidity to the levels you want, and that can depend on the type of hygrometer you need.

There are private sellers and dealers that can offer good values on used egg incubating equipment and even wholesale close-outs on new equipment, although you can get a digital thermometer hygrometer fairly cheap, whether you are buying it new or used. We offer a convenient website to find the listings on items offered by private sellers and dealers.

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