Chicken Coops

If you are planning to raise chickens, you are going to need a chicken coop to protect them from predators at night and give them a place to roost and nest. Chicken coops for sale can vary in design, size, and cost, so one thing to consider is how many chickens you plan to raise, and you need to consider their full-grown size versus what they look like when they are chicks, of course. You should consider at least four square foot of chicken coop space per chicken, to keep them from becoming too crowded. Ideally, you should allow a little more than that, if space allows.

When considering chicken coops for sale, you will need to find one that has a ramp for them to get in and out, and it is helpful if there is outdoor access to the feeders and water stations. These typically will have doors or shelves where you can fill without crawling into the chicken coop, so most chicken farmers demand it. Also, you will want a floor that is slightly sloped to make it easier to clean the chicken coop. You can keep layering bedding material or sawdust on the floor, but eventually you will need to clean it out entirely, and spray it down good to keep bacteria and disease from affecting your chickens.

There are tractor chicken coops that are mounted on a frame with wheels where they can be pulled around the yard to move the chicken coop, and some urban farmers use them to fertilize their yards or move them close to the house during the colder months, for protection from the winds. You will need to consider that the chickens should be able to get out into a chicken yard to stretch their legs, so the tractor chicken coops will often feature a fenced enclosure that attaches to the side of the coop.

If you have a large chicken coop that is a permanent structure, it is more ideal for larger flocks, and they are big enough that you can walk in to gather eggs, refill feeders and refill the water. You can find chicken coops for sale that are kits you just have to put together, and some creative farmers will convert an existing outbuilding and just buy the chicken coop features they are lacking.

No matter what choice you come up with, you have to consider that you will need nesting boxes, and some of the chicken coops for sale will have doors on the outside, where you can easily reach into the nest to gather eggs. If you are considering chicken coop kits, you can find private sellers that have designed and built successful plans you can purchase, you just have to know where to find these listings. We offer a convenient way to find the listings of chicken coops for sale from a variety of sources, including private sellers and dealers, which can save you time and money. If it is in the marketplace, chances are you will find the listing on our website.

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