Pallet Forks

You can get pallet forks for your tractor or your skid steer, and you can get adapters to convert your tractor loader to accept skid steer fork attachments. This offers you a variety of options to use the forks to help move bales of hay and straw or large bags of feed, just to name a few examples.

The heavy duty models have more than a 4,000 pound load capacity, where smaller ones might only offer 2,000 pounds, although you can get severe duty pallet forks that offer 10,000 pound load capacities. You can also get them in a variety of sizes, but typically they will have tines that are 36, 42 and 48 inches, and some will have adjustable slide rails which offer variable spacing.

When you are looking for pallet forks, there are some models that will only fit 1995 and newer skid loaders. You might need to consider the age and model of your tractor or skid loader before you purchase pallet forks for them. Most of them come with attachments included to install to common couplers and loaders, but you will want to analyze the specifications ahead of time. Most newer tractor models will include Quick tach systems that make it easier to handle a variety of attachments, however.

You can get clamp on models that hook onto your front bucket. The main disadvantage to these is that your vision can be impaired more than the slat style railings that allow you to see through them. They are more affordable and easier to install, costing only a few hundred dollars when new, versus several thousand for the dedicated pallet forks attachment.

Sometimes, you can find used options in pallet forks, because many private sellers might upgrade to heavier duty models, or no longer have a use for the attachments. Sometimes, you might find a private seller that has decided to upgrade to the attachment, versus the clamp on models. Whatever the cause, you can find the best deals on used pallet forks, if you know where to find the listings. Sometimes, dealers will take them in on trade, and they will offer good deals, or they might run close-out specials on newer models, to raise cash and liquidate inventory.

We offer a convenient solution to save you time when looking for these listings that can be hard to locate. You can browse through pages and pages on the Internet and not find them on your own. With our website, we offer these listings in a convenient location to make it easier to check and see what is on the marketplace, since it can change daily. Once you have decided on your budget and the kind of pallet forks attachments you want, you just have to check and see if anybody has them listed.

These attachments can make handling large items much easier and are a great attachment for your tractor or skid loader. Whatever type of equipment you have, it's possible to find a great deal on these attachments!

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