Backhoe Buckets

If you have a skid loader, you might be looking at attachments to make it more versatile. Rear backhoe buckets are a popular attachment, allowing you to dig up to 7 feet deep, and they come in helpful for things like digging around foundations and walls or digging a drainage ditch. There are several different kinds of backhoe buckets on the market, but most of them will work with skid loaders that have a universal quick tach system, which most of the newer models have.

They will normally fit a universal style coupler, and you need to make sure that they come with the hose and flat face couplers, or you will have to buy them separate. You may require auxiliary hydraulics on your skid steer, too. You can find backhoe buckets that are capable of swinging both right and left, although some of them are fixed boom models that require you move your tractor or skid loader instead.

With ripping forces over 10,000 pounds, you can find rear backhoe buckets that have electric-over-hydraulic controls, which allow you to use both cylinders from one valve. Another thing to look for is the recommended horsepower requirements, because they might require a minimum of 30 horsepower, for example. The rear buckets or "hoe" attachment can run almost $4000 new for most models, although you can find them used from private sellers and dealers.

Another popular attachment for your skid loader would be the front, bulldozer blade type backhoe buckets, that aren't meant for excavating as much as they are for moving dirt, gravel, livestock feed and other heavy things around the farm. These might be more affordable than the rear, workhorse buckets for excavating, but they are often referred to as backhoe buckets, all the same.

Because there are a variety of attachments you can get for your skid loader, the rear buckets are the most popular, but other attachments, like the front bucket, hydraulic rock hammers and drills, are also popular. Sometimes, you can find good deals on these attachments from private sellers that have sold the backhoe, but weren't able to sell the attachments at the same time. Of course, many dealers will take them in on trade, when customers are buying new backhoes and attachments, so you might be able to find good deals there, too.

The most difficult part can be locating the listings of the private sellers and dealers that have these backhoe buckets for sale. We offer a convenient location to find the listings in one easy place, saving you time. If they are on the marketplace, you might find good deals on backhoe attachments offered by private sellers or dealers, although the marketplace can change daily. Because we feature these listings on our website, it can save you hours of browsing other websites in hopes of finding them.

If you are looking for a versatile addition to your skid loader, rear backhoe buckets can allow you to do all kinds of things around the farm or around your home. They are popular for the construction and landscaping industries, but many rural farmers find them invaluable, as well.

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New 24" Caterpillar 416 D E F Backhoe Bucket PayPal

New 24" Caterpillar 416 D   E   F Backhoe Bucket

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New 12" Case 580 Backhoe Bucket with Coupler Pins PayPal

New 12" Case 580 Backhoe Bucket with Coupler Pins

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New 36" Caterpillar 416 D E F Backhoe Bucket PayPal

New 36" Caterpillar 416 D   E   F Backhoe Bucket

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New 30" Case 580N Backhoe Bucket PayPal

New 30" Case 580N Backhoe Bucket

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New 24" Case 580N Backhoe Bucket PayPal

New 24" Case 580N Backhoe Bucket

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New 12" Case 580N Backhoe Bucket PayPal

New 12" Case 580N Backhoe Bucket

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