Livestock Water Tanks

When you need to get livestock water tanks for your herd of cattle, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. If you have been watering the same herd and have figured out you need additional tanks, you should know facts involved with what gallon capacity of livestock water tanks you need, although you may already know that you need more water.

How far cows travel from the pasture where they are grazing can have some bearing on how big a tank should be, based on several factors. Research done by Gerrish and Davis in 1995 showed that cattle will go to the water tank as a group when they travel more than 1000 feet, necessitating the need for 2 foot of trough head space per cow, based on the size of the herd. What this means is that you could need bigger tanks that allow for enough head room and enough tanks to allow for all cattle drinking at once.

Cows that graze 600 to 900 feet from watering sources will go drink individually. Depending on the size of the herd and the pastures where they are feeding, you can calculate the probability that they will drink as a group or alone, as far as how many linear feet of livestock water tanks you need. When it comes to gallon capacity, there is another calculation that is based on the type of cattle and of course, the size and conditions.

For example, dairy cattle will drink 15 to 30 gallons per day, whereas growing cattle will drink from 4 to 15 gallons a day. Even nursing cattle will drink 11 to 18 gallons per day, but if you have other livestock, like horses, you can figure 10 to 15 gallons per day, and sheep or goats only 2-5 gallons per day.

The best way to calculate how much water that should be available in gallons is to figure that you should have one fourth of the herd's daily gallons readily available, and have the capability to refill the livestock water tanks within an hour. So, based on these statistics, if you have 10 dairy cattle at 30 gallons per day, you would need at least 20 feet of tank length and one fourth of the 300 gallons they might drink would mean that you need at least 75 gallons of capacity. Of course, this is assuming you can refill the tanks within an hour, or you should multiply these numbers.

There are several shapes and sizes of water tanks for sale. The most popular are the lightweight poly tanks, although galvanized livestock water tanks have been around a long time and can withstand the elements. If you need to buy a quantity of these tanks, you might find some good used watertanks for sale by private sellers or dealers, since there are still many foreclosures in the farming industry. The problem can be locating these private listings, however.

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