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If you have thought about raising sheep, the sheep supplies you need will definitely include shearing equipment. Even sheep farmers that raise sheep to sell as meat will also shear and sell their wool. Wool has become a rare commodity that can make a small farmer profit, in addition to selling the lamb meat. In fact, some sheep farms only raise the sheep for wool, raising the lambs to increase the size of their herd.

When you consider sheep supplies or sheep equipment, you have to keep in mind that they will need a place to stay save from predators, or at least have some kind of farm fencing. Many sheep farmers will have a sheep dog to protect the sheep at night. Even then, it can depend on the size of your operation as to what items you will need.

If you have ever visited a sheep operation, you can get some good advice that ranges from stories about combing wool and shearing the sheep. A sheep farmer is likely to advise you of the predators you have to worry about, too. If you have a small operation, a protective fenced farmyard is where many of them will put them, and they will have outbuildings to keep the sheep inside, if it is an operation that is of the size to allow it.

Depending on what part of the country you live in, you may need to feed the sheep, in addition to their grazing. Also, you will have to consider that you will need to have two fenced pastures for them to graze on, because you will need to rotate them to allow for the grass to re-grow. Since sheep are herd animals, they stay fairly close together and will eat areas of the pasture bare before moving on. You will need to plan on reseeding and rotating frequently, and you may need to supply hay for them in the winter months in most locations.

Raising sheep for wool is something that sheep farmers have done for a long time. Leg of lamb has only become more popular as a regular meat for some people, but it can carry high dollar during special occasions, such as Easter or Christmas, which is when many farmers time the rotation of their herds, depending on the success of their lamb birthing.

You can use a variety of sheep equipment in a sheep farming operation. Sheep seem like easy animals to raise, but you have to shear them frequently, and the wool can take some work, especially if you have animals that get in the thickets. They can be a profitable small farm operation, if you have the sheep supplies and the housing to keep your sheep protected, in addition to a good sheep dog.

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