If you have bought acreage and are thinking about starting your own gentlemen's farm, or thinking about getting a couple horses for recreation, farm fencing is something you will need to consider. Whether you are raising chickens, cows or horses, you will need to secure the animals on your property to keep them safe and on your property. There are a variety of choices when it comes to farm fencing, depending on what your usage will be.

Barbed wire fencing, electric fencing and split rail fencing are a few choices, and there are also some new types of fencing that are more decorative, but more expensive. If you just need to fence a small area, you might consider this more expensive option, but for those that need to fence a number of acres, sometimes cheap fencing is the option they are looking for.

When it comes to metal wire fencing, the heavier the gauge, the more expensive it will be. You have to consider your purposes, because fencing for a horse or cow will need to be stronger than chicken-wire fencing, for example. If you are building corrals that will be contained within a larger fenced area, you might be able to get along with a lighter weight fencing material.

If you were to consider a professional farm fencing company, it can be quite expensive. If you are looking for used fencing, you might be able to find a deal on some cheap fencing that would serve your purposes. You have to know where to look, because most dealers are going to specialize in new fencing products.

If you have just purchased acreage, it might already be fenced in some areas, but you might need additional areas. You might want to match existing fencing to mark property lines and compliment your existing fencing. There are so many types of fencing that you will want to consider a variety of types before deciding. Cost can be a factor, but you want to install the best fencing you can afford, because it isn't a job you will want to do again anytime in the near future.

For those that are considering large farm animals, such as cows and horses, keep in mind that you will want at least two separate pasture areas for the animals to feed on, because they will quickly stomp a small pasture into mud. You need to be able to rotate the pasture grass they feed on and allow the dormant pasture time to re-grow. Depending on your growing season, you may need more space than this.

If you consider that the average horse needs around 4 acres at least for grazing, and up to 20 acres in some parts of the country, you will need to multiply your acreage needs appropriately. Obviously, you would need a considerable amount of farm fencing for multiple animals, so you might want to find a private seller that is getting rid of some usable fencing to make it more affordable.

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308404B 24x25 1" Mesh Poul Net PayPal

308404B 24x25 1" Mesh Poul Net

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Zareba 75-Mile AC Low Impedence Charger PayPal

Zareba 75-Mile AC Low Impedence Charger

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Powerfields Safe-Fence T-Post Cap 10 ct Black PayPal

Powerfields Safe-Fence T-Post Cap 10 ct Black

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Tru-Test Fence Alert Warning Light PayPal

Tru-Test Fence Alert Warning Light

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317524A 10LB12-1 2GA SmoothWire PayPal

317524A 10LB12-1 2GA SmoothWire

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Parker Mccrory Wood Post Rope Insulator 25 ct PayPal

Parker Mccrory Wood Post Rope Insulator 25 ct

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Zareba Systems Rod Post Insulator 25 ct Yellow PayPal

Zareba Systems Rod Post Insulator 25 ct Yellow

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