Bantam Hatching Eggs

If you are looking at incubating eggs, a small breed of chicken to consider is the bantam. These are chickens and roosters that are miniature versions of other regular breeds, and the bantam hatching eggs are about one-half to one-third the size of a regular chicken egg. If you are considering breeding bantam chickens, you might want to know that once you have bantam chickens, they are known for hatching other bird eggs, including quail or geese.

Where this information can come in helpful, is that once you start raising bantam hatching eggs, you might not have to use an egg incubator as frequently. Since they are known for hatching and brooding, the hens have great success in hatching bantam eggs and other eggs. "Banty" hens and roosters are known for their fearsome characteristics, even though they are smaller than other chickens. Often, the ornamental breeds of chickens fall into the bantam category.

Bantam chickens originated in Asia, and are named after a major seaport in Indonesia. The small chicken breeds are popular in the United States, and bantam eggs are popular for hatching, when you are getting into chicken farming. There are many breeds of bantam chickens, and they are a single comb breed of chicken that is often shown in poultry shows. You may see the comb dubbed or cut back, and they are usually colorfully marked, display long feathers or other interesting characteristics.

The various ornamental and fancy chicken breeds have made bantam hatching eggs popular as a small farming operation, and bantam chickens popular as 4H club projects. The smaller chickens are easier to handle and easier to breed. The bantam eggs are easier to hatch, especially if you have bantam hens that are going to be sitting on the eggs for you. Other breeds of chickens are not as adaptable as the bantams, and they are popular throughout the United States for a variety of purposes.

Many private sellers might be the best source for the eggs to incubate, because the hatcheries will only sell in volume. If you have a certain breed of the bantam that you are after, it is helpful to buy from private sellers who have the parents, versus hatcheries that deal in large quantities. Frequently, you might be able to find a good deal on an operation that is being liquidated, but often individuals will offer bantam hatching eggs at a more affordable price.

If you are looking for a great hobby farming animal, the bantam chickens are popular breeds. Not only are the prolific laying hens, but they can also help you incubate other hatching eggs, such as goose or ducks, should you decide to diversify. The roosters are highly ornamental and colorful, and the breeding bantams can produce many fertile eggs.

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12 Brahma bantam Cochin hatching eggs

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6+ bantam cochin and silkie mix hatching eggs

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Dark Cornish bantam hatching eggs (10) PayPal

Dark Cornish bantam hatching eggs (10)

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