Artificial Ceramic Eggs

For generations, farmers have used artificial eggs to train their young hens to lay eggs in the nesting box. You can get ceramic eggs that have the same texture and weight of freshly laid eggs, and they can be used in the nesting box to keep the chickens from laying eggs on the floor. By seeing the "planted" artificial eggs, they will observe that they are supposed to lay the eggs there, since chickens can become creatures of habit.

You can get the ceramic eggs, typically in white or brown, so they resemble the real eggs that your chickens will be laying, dependent on the breed of chicken. If they are able to see the eggs over a period of time, they will automatically know where they are supposed to go when they lay their first egg. You might get a chicken that doesn't get it, but they have been successfully used for a long time to trick the majority of chickens.

Some of these eggs are so real looking that farmers have had to mark them to keep from getting them confused with the fresh ones. If you do this, just make sure it isn't so obvious the chickens will figure it out. Don't be surprised to see hens sitting on the artificial eggs before they even lay their first eggs. This will be a good sign that they understand what the nesting box is for. The task is much easier if there are older chickens in the mix, because it can help the young hens learn, as well.

If you are just starting your chicken farming, the eggs are a helpful tool, because if your young hens wonder around a lot, it is no telling where you will find their eggs at, especially if they are free ranging. By having the nesting boxes with ceramic eggs close to the food and water, they will make sure to stay close to the nesting boxes, once they start laying eggs.

The eggs are great to put in gift baskets or paint and decorate, even if you don't have chickens. Once you have the young hens using the nesting boxes over a period of time, many farmers will take them out and use them for craft purposes. This is especially helpful if you are making marketing pieces to sell your fresh eggs, all it takes is a little creativity, and some freshly scrubbed artificial eggs!

If you have never seen or heard of this method for training your laying hens, it helps to know that it has been successful in training some of the stubborn hens that can be hard to train. You might have them accidentally lay an egg or two out of the nesting box, but it won't happen as often.

We have a listing of sources where you can find these ceramic eggs, quite affordably, including the private sellers and dealers that might have them for sale. When it comes to training your laying hens where they need to go to lay an egg, this is a great trick that has proven successful!

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