Tilt Trailers

The easiest way to distinguish tilt trailers from other flatbed trailers is that the wheels are typically located on axles in the center of a long bed length, typically a standard 21 foot long by 100" wide bed. They will normally feature a gooseneck trailer hitch and operate like a teeter-totter or seesaw when the weight of heavy equipment rolls onto them and rolls off.

There are a number of uses for these trailers, but they are primarily used for things like loading heavy equipment or vehicle hauling. Just about anything that can be driven on or pushed on can use its own weight to "tilt" the trailer backwards or forwards for easy loading. They usually are capable of holding several tons of weight, which is what makes them ideal for hauling large machinery and equipment. When you have forestry or construction equipment like bulldozers and skidders or track loaders, you will need to consider tilt trailers to move them to different locations.

There are several types of tilt trailers, including flatdeck, tandem dual tilt, deckover tilt, powered full tilt and 6" channel equipment tilt or 5" channel car hauler tilt trailers. The different capacities, tilting mechanism and sizes make them good for a number of uses, but you will need to make sure you have a vehicle capable of hauling the loaded trailer, which might take a pretty strong truck in the case of hauling bulldozers and loaders, for example.

You can find good deals on these trailers, if you are considering buying them used. Compared to other trailers, tilt trailers are more affordable and less complicated than some of the hydraulic dump trailers, for example. You can still expect to pay a few thousand for some of the larger models that have heavy capacities. There are a variety of options including axle options, painted or powder coating, decking floor lumber and coupler options, just to name a few.

When you are looking for the private sellers and dealers that have good deals on used trailers, it can be a matter of knowing how to locate the listings of the ones that are for sale. The good deals don't last long, and it can take you days of browsing web pages looking for the variety of trailer listings.

That is why our website is a leading resource for having the listings located in one convenient place. No matter what kind of trailers you are looking for, you can locate the listings quickly and easily. Of course, listings from private sellers and dealers can change daily, so having a resource to check with ease is what we offer to those that are looking for particular items, including tilt trailers.

No matter what your trailer needs, chances are good that you can find good used ones that will serve the purpose and cost less than half of what you could expect to pay for a new trailer. We strive to make it easier to locate the listings of trailers that are for sale by private sellers and dealers.

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