Pellet Mills

Pellet mills have become popular for processing all kinds of organic matter into livestock food, or wood pellets that can be burned as fuel in pellet stoves or furnaces. Some farmers also use them for bedding. You can make pellets out of corn stalks, corn cobs, grass, leaves, bean stubble, straw, grass, alfalfa, cardboard and paper. Just about anything can be pelletized.

Small pellet mills that are capable of 65 pounds to 600 pounds per hour output can start around $2500, and you can get larger ones that can produce 1000 to 1200 per hour. There are all different kinds of pellet mills for sale, including mobile units with diesel engines, for places in the field, where you don't have electricity.

If you are going to make your own feed pellets or wood pellets, you might want to consider a hammer mill that make your materials more compact for pelletizing. Drying or cooling units lower the moisture content to make it easier to store your pellets so they don't mold. In fact, if you are going to be in the business of making pellets, you might want to consider bagger machines that bag the pellets in 40 pound bags and can be sewn or heat pressed to close.

Wood pellet mills are quite popular, especially if you have a source for sawdust, like a woodworking shop, or know somebody that does. Even if you have a chipper-mulcher for fallen branches and limbs, or a lot of paper recycling, you can turn them into wood pellets, which are quite popular. There are a lot of uses of pellets, no matter what type you make, but it is a great way to store your own feed for your livestock, or store up easy to carry fuel for your stove when it's cold out.

Pelletizing has become so popular, especially with the "green" movement, that there is high demand for the equipment. You can still get some good deals on the wood pellet mills from private seller, auctioneers and dealers, if you can figure out how to find these listings. The Internet has so many informational pages that you could read through a lot of information for weeks, and still not find any of the deals on pellet mills for sale.

We make it easy and convenient to find what you are looking for, without having to go through a whole bunch of listings or a lot of websites. If you are looking for pellet mills for sale, and the other equipment that goes with them, you can see the listings that are available in the marketplace. Of course, since the market changes daily, this can be helpful because it only takes a few minutes each day to locate listings that might have what you are looking for.

This can be especially helpful to save time and money, when you are thinking of getting into pelletizing for feed or energy. You will find that you might have friends and neighbors that will want you to help them with this great recycling process, once they have seen how efficient and fun it can be to make the pellets.

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