Forestry Supplies

When it comes to clearing acreage, it's not unusual for farmers to need forestry supplies to cut down a wooded area to make way for needed pasture land, a home site or a barn. There are some farms that have large trees that can be sold as standing timber for additional cash flow, especially if they are straight and large walnuts or oaks. Sometimes, you might need forestry supplies to deal with the rest of them and turn them into firewood, or you may have to bulldoze them over.

For those that have certain trees they want saved, you might need forestry supplies for marking, pruning and flagging, if you are having somebody else do the tree cutting or bulldozing. Even those trees that can be sold as standing timber should be clearly marked before you do anything else, but the lumber company that is buying them will do that. The ideal thing is to get those trees out of the way before deciding what to do with the rest.

Other wood cutting and splitting supplies like chainsaws, pole saws, safety equipment, splitting mauls and axes may be just a few of the things you will need, if you are doing the clearing yourself, for firewood. Of course, sometimes you can get somebody to do the clearing for you in exchange for the firewood.

Even those that are clearing a space to build a barn or a new farm home can find the need for the forestry supplies that are most frequently used. Of course, if you are building a log home, this can be especially helpful. You would be surprised at how many people are choosing this option, today. It is a cheap and economical way to build a home, and you only need the forestry equipment to hoist the logs where you want them, without the need for long transports. When building a log cabin, you may need to consider a log splitting machine, as well.

Having the right equipment to clear a stand of timber is essential. There is no sense in bulldozing and burning trees that might have some worth as standing timber that can generate cash, be turned into firewood for warmth and energy savings, or a home that can be lived in. Having the proper equipment is most important part of this ecological plan, however.

If you were to hire this done, it could cost you considerably. Of course, if you need to buy a large log splitter or log hoist, it could set you back a few thousand, unless you buy used equipment from private sellers or dealers that are offering close-out sales. You can search the Internet for weeks and still not find the deals you are looking for unless you know the easiest way to find the listings.

We offer an easy way to find listings of forestry supplies that are offered by private sellers and dealers. This is the most affordable way to get the supplies you need to clear a stand of timber and re-use it for other applications. Since the market changes daily, you can check our selection of listings and see if it is being offered in the marketplace, conveniently and quickly.

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