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While the 9N Ford tractor was only in production from 1939 to 1941, it is still a popular collector's tractor and people search for 9N Ford tractor parts to restore them. It was the first of the N series of tractors that Ford produced from 1939 to 1952. The 9N was succeeded by the 2N from 1942 to 1947 and then the popular 8N from 1948, until the end of the series production.

Many antique tractor collectors still say it's hard to tell the useful life of this series, but once they pass the 30-year mark, chances are that they will become popular collector tractors. Of course, the 8N Ford tractors are popular because they are more easily accessible since more than half a million were produced. Many of the 9N Ford tractor parts will fit an 8N, so there are a few hybrids running around on the market.

Consider that these tractors sold new for under a thousand dollars and now even un-restored ones will sell for over two thousand dollars, parts tractors can be worth more than that. If you part out a 9N for the 9N Ford tractor parts, you can expect to get in excess of $7,000, which is why many will part them out versus trying to restore them. A fully restored Ford N series tractor can sell for more than $10,000, which is why many of them will get restored, also.

The 2N was the first Ford tractor to use the Ferguson three-point hitch; the 9N didn't have this luxury, which was part of the reason for the short life span. Even still, they were popular at the time they were produced, until the 2N came out with improvements, including the hitch that allowed all kinds of implements to be attached. The 9N tractor was the first to follow the Fordson tractors that were manufactured from 1917 to 1938.

When the 8N came out, it gained notoriety because it was the first tractor to come out where Ford didn't give Ferguson credit or royalties for the hitch, which resulted in a lawsuit that was settled for more than a million dollars. When you consider the history of the N series line, it was the reason that these three models are some of the most popular with collectors.

After the 8N, the NAA Golden Jubilee model was produced in 1953, and the 1000's series came out after that, but many collectors still like the appeal of the N series, including the 9N Ford tractors. Many of the remaining 9N Ford tractors are in the hands of private individuals, and a few of them are still running in small farming operations. When it comes to finding 9N Ford tractor parts, this is where they have to be found in most cases.

Having a resource to find the listings for these private sellers is what we offer. You can browse through pages and pages on the Internet and have a hard time ever finding them. When you are looking for 9N Ford tractor parts, it helps to locate a source for the listings that private sellers offer, in hopes of finding the 9N Ford tractor parts you need for a successful restoration project.

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Original Ford Center 9N 2N Rear Rim Center 32' PayPal

Original Ford Center 9N 2N Rear Rim Center 32'

Price: $49.99 (0 Bids)
Manual Service Ford 2N 9N Tractor PayPal

Manual Service Ford 2N 9N Tractor

Price: $27.53 (0 Bids)
Gear Crankshaft Ford 2N 8N 9N Tractor PayPal

Gear Crankshaft Ford 2N 8N 9N Tractor

Price: $55.34 (0 Bids)
Side Panel Left Ford 8N 9N 8-N 9-N Tractor PayPal

Side Panel Left Ford 8N 9N 8-N 9-N Tractor

Price: $84.49 (0 Bids)
Cylinder Head Ford 2N 2-N 8N 8-N 9N 9-N Tractor PayPal

Cylinder Head Ford 2N 2-N 8N 8-N 9N 9-N Tractor

Price: $227.68 (0 Bids)