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If you are thinking about restoring a Ford tractor, chances are you have run across the 8N Ford tractor in your research. This tractor gained notoriety, which made it more popular than other antique Ford tractors, like the 9N and 2N. Finding 8N Ford tractor parts can be easier if you know where to find them. Since these are popular tractors to restore, sometimes that can be the most difficult part of a tractor restoration project.

The 8N Ford tractors were born after the 9N and 2N models, but were more popular because of the controversy over the Ferguson three point hitch, even though the hitch was first introduced on the 9N models. When Ford came out with the 8N Ford tractor, it included the Ferguson hitch, but didn't acknowledge credit or give any royalties to Ferguson, resulting in a lawsuit that cost over a million dollars.

Of course, because it also made improvements on other features of the 9N and 2N models, it also has some parts that can be shared between the models. In fact, there were many hybrids born between the models since the 8N tractor could contain parts that belong to the 9N, including the motor. The way you can tell whether your 8N Ford tractor contains the original 8N motor, is to look at the serial number, if you can find it, because it will either start with 8N or 9N, depending on which model it came from.

For those that are restoring the 8N Ford tractors, finding 8N Ford tractor parts might be more difficult than finding parts that fit from the other models. Since they were manufactured within a few years of each other, the other models are older, but not as highly collected as the 8N. The antique tractor collectors seem to like the importance of these particular tractors, because of the Ford connection and the history that became part of Massey Ferguson, when Ferguson invested his Ford lawsuit winnings as a partner in that firm.

With a history that runs deep in the American tractor heritage, the 8N Ford tractors enjoy a popularity that is the highest, as far as Ford tractors are concerned. Even though Henry Ford became a co-founder of the New Holland Company, it was the Fordson tractors, also known as Ford tractors, that many collectors think represent the original Ford tractor presence.

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Manual Owners Ford 8N Tractor

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