Electric Fence Supplies

When you are thinking about electric fencing to confine your horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, or goats, there are several electric fence supplies you are going to need. They make solar energizers that charge the fence using solar power, which are the most popular models of electric fencing being used. Not only does it save on utilities, but they are versatile and you can have electric fencing even where there are no utilities.

Besides confining the animals, electric fence supplies can help you build a fence that will protect them from predators, too. Coyotes won't be able to attack your herds with a fence that is electrified all the time, and they can be cheaper to install than traditional fencing in most applications.

The main electric fence supplies you will need are the cable, the stakes, the solar energizers, lightning arrestors, cut-off switches, and underground wiring. You can electrify an existing fence, as well. Some people will use them to protect gardens, crops and other things, like animal feed, that they want to keep pests out of, whether they are deer, coyote, pets, and rodents.

There are many uses for electric fencing on a farm, but urban farmers find that it comes in handy and can be easy to install. Even if you have old fencing that is torn in places and falling down, you can make a protective barrier using electric fencing to repair it or electrify the entire parameter.

Sometimes, you can find electric fence supplies, including solar energizers being sold by private sellers and dealers, at much lower costs than you will find from a local fence supplier or farm supply store. We offer an easier and more convenient way to locate these listings in one comprehensive place and find what is available in the marketplace.

Many farmers are converting existing electric fencing into the solar energized electric fence, because the solar energizers for electric fencing are affordable and can control 40 to 200 acres per unit, depending on the size of solar powered battery energizer you choose. They have a variety of sizes, but you can get the biggest models for a little over a couple hundred dollars, and many of them are much less, especially if you can find them used.

The way the solar energizer works is that it has miniature solar panels that collect the sunlight all day and charge the battery, which can release it at night. Much like the solar powered yard lights, they supply sufficient power to keep the fence electrified, but contain cut-off switches, when you need to turn it off. They are an economical way to electrify your fence and an option that many farmers are turning to.

You can find listings on our website from time to time, and many of them are offered at affordable prices. We make it convenient for you to locate electric fence supplies, when they are being offered in the marketplace by private sellers and dealers.

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all-sun Digital Electric Fence Tester Max 9.9 KV PayPal

all-sun Digital Electric Fence Tester Max 9.9 KV

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New cattle, goat, sheep, animal electric fencer PayPal

New cattle,  goat,  sheep,  animal electric fencer

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Buy It Now: $135.00
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Fi-Shock 656-ft Electric Fence Poly Wire

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Electric Fence Tester Fi-Shock NEW #A1LVT-FS PayPal

Electric Fence Tester  Fi-Shock  NEW #A1LVT-FS

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