Tractor Seats

Many people that were raised on the farm think of tractor seats like the hard metal disks that their grandfather rode on, that offered no back support and weren't too good on the rear, either. Now, you can buy seats that are engineered with molded plastic support, padded inserts on the backrest and seat bottom, and have nylon tracks for easy seat adjustment. Today's seats look almost like an ergonomically designed office chair, but when you think about how many hours are spent in the seat of a tractor by the average farmer, they should be designed even better than an office chair, and some of them are!

You can buy super plush models that give you support and are more durable than metal tractor seats. Part of the reason is that most of today's chairs are designed with quality suspension to make the ride more comfortable, and you can adjust the bases to a flat or an angled position to make them more suitable for a comfortable ride, no matter what your task is.

The great part about this new design of tractor seats is that they are affordable, considering the benefits you get for a more comfortable ride that is much better on your back, especially if you spend a lot of time on your tractor, like many farmers do. In fact, some of the best models can be found for under two hundred dollars, which is worth it in productivity, when you think about the number of times you just couldn't keep riding because your back hurt.

They make universal seat models that can fit almost any kind of tractor, but you will want to check on the individual models you are interested in, just to be sure. This is especially true if you are looking for a replacement seat for an older tractor, and the great thing about these new seats is that there are people who are restoring an antique tractor that has a need for the old metal tractor seats that are being replaced! In fact, if you are in the tractor restoration business or just restoring an antique tractor as a hobby, you can find deals on metal seats from private sellers that might be parting out their old tractor parts, including seats, because they are still using the tractor as a working model on their farm. In this case, they are more concerned with comfort than authenticity, so it is possible to find the tractor seats you have been looking for, if you just knew where to find these private listings. The great thing about our website is that we offer a convenient place to find the listings of these private sellers, if it is on the market. Because we make it convenient to find the listings in one simple location, it is possible that you can find exactly the right seat for the tractor you are restoring. Tractor seats have made a lot of progress, when it comes to riding on a tractor all day, but when you are restoring an antique tractor, only original metal tractor seats will do.

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