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Many of those that are looking for used Ford tractor parts have the collector item tractors like the 8N or the older versions, the 9N and the 2N. These are very popular among collectors, and in fact, a replica version of the Ford 8N tractor is being marketed by the New Holland Company, which Henry Ford co-founded, in the Boomer tractor line, because they were so well-loved.

The Ford tractors were marketed under the Ford name until the company was sold to Fiat in the late 1990s. The deal required that the name be dropped, and that made Ford farm tractor parts for these older tractors in higher demand, as collectors snatched up the most popular models quickly, including the most popular Ford 8N models.

The 8N was the model to come out with the Ferguson, (of Massey Ferguson) three point hitch, without giving the credit to Ferguson, and it resulted in a lawsuit that was settled for over a million dollars back in the middle1900s. Since that time, the three-point hitch is used on all kinds of brands and models because it allows a host of farm implements to be hitched up to tractors.

Those that chose the N series tractors to restore are the ones that are driving the market for used Ford tractor parts. Many of those that bought tractors before the sale to Fiat still have working tractors on their farms.

The antique collector tractors are held by those that recognize the contribution that Ford tractors made to the tractor history with the 8N, but the harder to find 9N and 2N models are worth more because of their age. Some of the parts on the 8N and 9N are interchangeable, so often, used Ford tractor parts that fit one will fit the other, as well.

Whether you are looking for Ford farm tractor parts for a collector item tractor or a working tractor on your farm, it helps to save time and money by having a source that has a comprehensive listing. If you have to browse through pages and pages of websites, it can take days to find what you are looking for, in some cases.

Many die-hard Ford tractor users continue to use their tractors beyond their expected life, especially on the smaller, family owned farms. In America, the Ford name has become a household brand that is trust for their reliability and survivability. While the 9N tractor was the first tractor to allow farmers to pull implements, like plows, rakes and wagons, the 8N was the model that gained the popularity through notoriety.

Some of the lesser-known models are good reliable tractors that might just need a little TLC and a few parts to become a rugged and well-running machine. It is this market that has demanded the need for a comprehensive parts listing source like ours to make it easier to find them.

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