Whether you are an urban gardener or a small acreage gardener, self-propelled, two-wheeled rotary tillers are a great way to plant your vegetable garden in a quick and efficient way. Of course, if you are looking at larger acreages, there are more feasible methods to plant, like tractors with a plow, or one of the four-wheeled tractor drawn rotary tillers or two wheeled riding tractors, known as "rotavators", that can plow an acre in eight to ten hours.

Rotary tillers for home use are most notably characterized as a two wheeled, self-propelled planter that cultivates by turning the soil using motorized and revolving tines. The tines are driven by a one to five horsepower motor that propels the tiller through the soil and breaks it up into rows and furrows for planting your seeds. They are considered power tillers or "rototillers" by some, when they are referring to the smaller models.

There are four-wheeled tillers for the large acreage farmer that works on the same principle. They are a tractor attachment that is drawn through the soil, but the tines are turned mechanically instead of being dragged through the soil, like the sharp-bladed farm plows. For small to medium acreages, they are the best way to plant crops affordably and quickly.

If you like to can and freeze your own freshly grown vegetables or sell them at the farmer's market, rotary tillers can allow you to raise your own organic vegetables or enjoy a small vegetable stand business through raising your own crops. They break up the soil and get the soil ready for planting, and usually you might need to make a few passes to get it totally broken down for planting.

Some farmers will till in the fall to plow over the plant waste and it will compost all winter. It also makes it easier to till your garden spaces when it comes spring and planting time. You can get affordable rotary tillers for under a thousand dollars new, and if you look, you might be able to locate listings of the private sellers that are upgrading to a larger garden space or no longer have garden space. We offer a convenient location on our website to find the listings, if they are on the marketplace.

Because organic farming has become so popular, many small acreage farmers have started planting garden spots that are large enough to grow vegetables to be sold. This has led to a recent surge in popularity for the rotary tillers for home use, because there are many people that are putting out their own vegetable gardens and growing their own organic vegetables, too.

When you are looking for an effective way to break up the soil and get it ready for planting, rotary tillers are the easiest and most affordable option, especially if you can buy one used.

There are some that can be rented at lawn or farm equipment rental yards, but you can often find a good used one for just a little more, if you know where to look. We offer a simple option to find the listings on the market from private sellers or dealers that have them available.

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