When you are planting large acreage with row crop planters, you may want to use large planters as a solution. Because you can plant a lot of rows in a short amount of time, most farmers that grow crops on large acreages will use the newer models of large planters rather than traditional row crop options. When these large row crop planters were introduced, they were meant to cut planting time down from the days it can take to plant large acreages.

Since weather can be volatile in the spring planting window, you don't have that much time to get the seeds in the ground, and that can affect crop yields at harvest time. For example, research has shown that over the past 40 years, there have been 6 days, and some years only 3 days, of optimum planting time for corn. When it comes to soybean planting, it starts a week later and can overlap with those farmers that plant both. Depending on weather, you need to get the seeds in the ground very quickly, and large planters are the answer.

Some of the models might have configurations of 24 rows with 22 inch spacing, 36 rows with 20 inch spacing, 36 rows with 22 inch spacing, or 32 rows with 30 inch spacing, for example. Depending on what you are planting, you will need to determine the best model for your overall purposes. The other thing to consider is that you will need tractor horsepower of 235 PTO horsepower and above, to have sufficient power to pull these large planters, versus smaller tractors used on traditional row crop planters.

The development has mainly occurred in the past decade in an effort to make farming more profitable and enable the larger farms to get a large amount of seed into the ground, even if the weather doesn't cooperate like it should. Since this can be crucial in giving crops a good start, many of the tractor or farm implement dealers have developed their own lines of large planters through the past few years.

You can sometimes find private sellers that are upgrading or downsizing, when it comes to getting a deal on any size of planters. There are dealers that take some of them in on trade, especially when a farmer is upgrading their farming operation or switching their primary farming operation over to something else, like raising cattle, for example. If you can locate these listings, you can find a good deal that will enable you to get your crops in the ground quickly and have a better shot at being profitable.

Our website offers a convenient location to find these listings in one simple place. This can save you time over browsing through hundreds of websites and not finding what you are looking for. Because finding the listings of the private sellers can be difficult to locate sometimes, we make it easier by offering you an easy way to find large planters or any other size you might need to find.

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John Deere 7200 16R30 Planter PayPal

John Deere 7200 16R30 Planter

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