Hay balers come in a variety of types, but the round baler is probably the most popular for those that grow hay to feed their livestock in the United States. Of course, you have probably seen the rectangular bales of straw, and the rectangular balers are popular in other countries like Australia, still today. It just depends on what kind of things you want to bale and what type of baler you have, and some of the used balers for sale might be the older rectangular balers.

The way that hay balers work is that they will "vacuum up" what you want to compact and compress the crops, whether hay, or grass being baled for silage, until it reaches the desired size, and then it will be wrapped in plastic netting, tied or whatever configuration your baler is set for. Through a combination of belts and rollers, the hay is rolled up inside the baler, and when it reaches the proper size, the finished bale is shipped out the back and rolled onto the ground.

Most of the variable chambered balers are typical of making bales from 48 to 72 inches in diameter and 60 inches in width. Typically, hay balers are an attachment that is pulled by your tractor as you are driving along, and they will drop the hay bales in variable spots around the pasture.

Many small farms will consider used balers, because they can afford to take care of their own baling, instead of hiring it done. Of course, if you have your own baler, you might be able to make additional income by baling hay for the neighbors, and it's not unusual to have a whole farming community help each other put up the hay and help with the baling when it comes time to harvest. For those that live in farming communities, hay season brings in additional labor in the form of friends and family to help, but if you have your own baler, you are an integral part of the operation.

Because the balers are an attachment or implement that you can pull behind your tractor, they aren't as expensive as you might think, if you can find the listings of the private sellers and dealers that offer used balers at attractive prices. Newer balers can exceed ten thousand dollars, but you can find them used for around two thousand on up, depending on the age and type of baler you find. Some of the larger farms will upgrade their equipment because their winter feed bill is dependent on it, so the private sellers can offer affordable options to get your own balers.

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