Electric Fence Chargers

If you are raising livestock or horses on your farm, chances are you have considered electric fencing to protect them from predators and to keep them safely confined. A solar powered electric fence charger is an economical way to have an electric fence, whether there are utilities nearby or not. On large acreages, you need to have a way to electrify a fence without the luxury of nearby electricity or outlets. This is a great solution, and they are affordable, too.

When you are looking at electric fence chargers, there are a few things to keep in mind. Typically, they will be capable of electrifying a certain number of acres, normally anywhere between 40 and 200 acres, based on the size of the unit and the battery backup power. The way they work, is that they use solar cells to collect the sunlight all day and charge the batteries to release the power throughout the night, when it isn't able to collect light.

Obviously, you can see where you might need several electric fence chargers to charge a large area. Still, it is one of the most affordable ways to confine large areas and keep predators away, especially coyotes. The electric fence can be as simple as stakes, spools of the metal wire to make the runs, and the electric fence charger, of course. There are a few other optional things you might need, like cut-off switches or lightning resistors, and they do make chargers that run off of normal electrical current, too.

You can expect to pay anywhere from slightly over a hundred dollars to a few hundred for the most expensive models, regardless of whether you use an electrical hook-up, or the solar powered models. Because there is not much of a difference in price, many farmers are leaning towards the solar powered models, because they save on the utility bills, or they are so simple to use when utility hook-ups aren't an option.

There is no doubt that an electric fence offers benefits over traditional fencing and adds additional protection from predators. Regardless of what type of charger you get, they have manual cut-off switches when you need to move livestock or make repairs. The great thing about the solar powered electric fence chargers is that you aren't as susceptible to power outages, when it comes to keeping your livestock protected.

All electric fences need to have a lightning resistor, which is another part that you will need to consider, but the electric fence charger is the most important component of a good electric fence, when it comes to reliability. There are places to find these parts for sale from private sellers and dealers. You just have to know where to find these listings.

We offer a convenient way to find these listings in one simple website. Whatever kind of electric fence charger you are interested in purchasing, chances are you can find the listings on our website. The marketplace changes daily, so finding these listings quickly and easily can help you save time and money.

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