Cream Separators

If you have a dairy farm, or you are milking animals to make butter, cheese or other dairy products, a cream separator can be an invaluable part of the operation. In fresh milk from a goat or cow, the higher butterfat layer can be skimmed from the top of the milk before homogenization. In this milk, the lighter fat will rise to the top. In commercial production, centrifuges separate the cream from the milk. In small farm operations, cream separators use centrifugal force to separate the cream according to the percentage of butterfat you need, in a smaller scale. Typically, most of the smaller cream separators use a motor that turns from 8000 to 14,000 RPM for these variances.

There are different levels of butterfat present, and they are separated best at 100 degrees. When it comes to the different grades of cream, it is defined by the levels of fat present in the milk, and the amount of RPMs applied can determine the amount of cream that is separated, and the final product can dictate whether you need more butterfat or less. The way that a centrifugal cream separator works, is that the milk is poured into the "hopper" that turns at a different RPM setting, depending on whether you need thicker or thinner cream or a higher or lower fat in the skim milk.

For example, half-and-half has between 10.5% to 18% fat, light cream has 18% to 30% fat and heavy whipping cream will have 36% fat or more. Sour cream is made with light cream that has bacteria added to form lactic acid, and Crème Fraiche is heavy cream with bacteria added. In Europe, clotted cream contains a 55% or higher fat content that is heated. Cream cheese will have 33% fat, and butter will contain up to 85% butterfat.

If, as a child, you had the opportunity in school to do the experiment where you shake fresh milk or cream in a jar until it made butter, you can understand the principle of how centrifugal cream separators work. When you are making goat cheese, which is considered a delicacy, you can certainly see how you would need a cream separator to produce very much, even on a small scale. Even in the old days, the butter churns could make enough butter for a household, but you could hardly churn the cream day and night to sell a product, make a profit, and form a small farm business from it.

There are sources for cream separators, and sometimes you can find them offered by private sellers in good condition, when they are ready to upgrade to a larger model. It can be difficult to locate the listings of the private sellers and dealers that offer these invaluable pieces of equipment. We offer a convenient option to find them in one location, if they are on the market, although the marketplace can change on a daily basis. If you are planning to use cream as part of your small farm operation to make cream products, you will find a cream separator a necessity.

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