Bee Hives

If you are new to the small farming or the organic farming movement, you might have heard about the popularity of naturally healing, sweet honey. The next thing you know, you are trying to find bee hives for sale. There are a few things you need to know before you rush out and buy honey bee hives, because you have to know how to handle them and what equipment you will need besides the hives, and the suit to have a profitable honey operation. You will need a smoker to calm the bees before approaching the hives, and the tools for raising the hives and harvesting the honey, at the least.

Honey bee hives serve another important purpose, if you are raising crops. As a farmer, the pollination and cross-pollination processes have always been done by bees, but they are on the decline across the United States, because of all the chemicals and pesticides. One thing to consider when you are looking at bee hives for sale, is that the profit from the honey sales can offset the equipment costs. Bees require care and maintenance, but they can be easier to take care of than some larger farm animals - it's just a matter of knowing how and being careful.

You might want to start out small at first, with a couple of honey bee hives, but if you are farming a large acreage, or plan to sell the honey as a business, you will want almost a dozen. Of course, you should always keep an extra hive or two for when the others become full, but you can calculate up to 100 pounds of honey per hive per year. Bees will fly several miles back and forth to pollinate and come back to the hive. You want to place the hives far enough away from people to stay out of the path, and the openings should be facing east or south for warmth, with the hives placed on flat ground.

The other thing to consider when you are buying bee hives and bees is that you are getting bees that haven't been "Africanized", because these bees can swarm and sting much more aggressively. European honey bees might be the best option, because many of the American bees have been affected with this trait. Of course, the best way to start your own beekeeping operation is to buy your beehives and beekeeping equipment from a private seller that might be liquidating their operation. They can explain the hobby of beekeeping and help you with tips to get started.

Sometimes, finding the listings of these private sellers can be the most difficult part, when you are looking for used beekeeping equipment and hives. If you know where to find the listings from private sellers, it can save you days and weeks of browsing the Internet. We are a leading resource to make it more convenient to find honey bee hives for sale. If it is on the market, it might be listed on our website, but the marketplace changes daily. We make it easier to locate the listings, if they are on the market.

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Beehive Bottom Board PayPal

Beehive Bottom Board

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Beehive Top, Pitched, Steel With Wood Frame PayPal

Beehive Top,  Pitched,  Steel With Wood Frame

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Beehive Top,  Flat,  Steel With Wood Frame

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Bee Hive Stand,  Plastic

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