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The story of the Oliver Tractor makes it worthy of antique tractor collectors and tractor restoring efforts. Finding Oliver tractor parts is an important part of this endeavor, and you can locate them if you can find a way to search on a nationwide basis and look to the private sellers that might have them.

Oliver was originally called Oliver Chilled Plow Works, when it was first established in 1853. The chilled plow process involved hardening the plow blades to make them more effective in harder soils. This innovation would turn out to be part of the innovations that became the leading characteristic of the company for many years, but as more companies entered the tractor manufacturing field, the competition would become fiercer and the farming industry would go through more financial setbacks.

As a collector's tractor, the Oliver tractors are highly desirable as a part of American history that should be saved. For those that choose them as a restoration project, you might have a few challenges, and you will have to get creative at finding the proper Oliver parts to restore them to original condition, but when you consider their lengthy struggle to survive, the efforts are worthwhile on the resale market.

Oliver was formed with the merging of four companies originally, American Seeding Machine, Oliver Chilled Plow Works, Hart-Parr Gasoline Engines and Nichols and Shepard Company. After the 1929 merger, McKensie Manufacturing, Ann Arbor Agricultural Machine, Cleveland Tractor and AB Farquhar were acquired. The resulting entity was the Oliver Farm Equipment Corporation.

As you can see, there were a number of American companies that went into the manufacture of the Oliver tractors, which makes Oliver parts a combination of many components. By 1948, the new line of Oliver tractors were the 60, 70 and 80 models, but 1948 to 1954 models included the 66, 77 and 88 models. After 1954, the "Super series" and 55 models were born. In 1958, Oliver came out with the 660, 770, 880 and 990 models. After the White acquisition in 1960, all of these models were destined to become popular in the collector market.

Depending on which of these popular models you have as your restoration project, you can find Oliver tractor parts for most of these models by finding the listings of private sellers that might have the tractors on an abandoned family farm. The problem that most tractor restorers have, is figuring out where to look for these listings.

We offer an easy way to locate a comprehensive compilation of listings by private sellers, auctioneers and dealers of all kinds of farm equipment and parts, including Oliver tractor parts. Having an easier and more convenient way to find these listings in one convenient location saves you time and can help you locate the hard-to-find parts you might need for your tractor restoration. Let us help you find the listings that might contain what you are looking for.

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