Antique Ford Tractor Parts

When you are looking for antique Ford tractor parts, you will be amazed to know that a Ford 8N tractor sold for a thousand dollars, when it was first sold in 1948, but even an un-restored model can start at $2,500 and if you are parting it out, it can bring $7,000 or more. In restored condition, the Ford 8N tractor will sell for around $10,000, but you have to consider that it can costs $1,500 to $4,000 to restore one, even if you can find all of the antique Ford tractor parts to do it.

This goes to show you why restoring old Ford tractors have become a favorite past time for a variety of collectors. If you are able to find a good deal on the tractor to restore, and the antique Ford tractor parts to do it, you can make a profit. There is a demand for these collector tractors, but you also have to consider that some of them are still working on family farms.

The likelihood that you can find some of the rarest Ford tractors becomes more remote, the older the model. Some of the models like the Fordson from 1917 to 1938, the 9N from 1939 to 41, and the Ford 2N from 1942-47, are harder to find than the 8N, for example. There were more than 520,000 Ford 8N tractors made between the introduction in 1948 and the last year of production in 1952. They are highly collected, even though they aren't as rare as these other models.

Part of the reason for this attraction is that collectors realize it is still possible to find good specimens to restore, and you can still find the antique Ford tractor parts to restore them with. Some of the other models could be harder to get into original condition, although they would probably be worth more to collectors, once they were restored.

If you are thinking of getting into restoring antique Ford tractors, the 8N is a good bet, even though it is one of the more common antique tractors. There are clubs and associations that are devoted to those that love and restore antique tractors, and this model is one of the most popular. When you think of the history behind the Ford tractors, it could explain part of the mystique.

When Ford dabbled in the tractor market, it was before the automobile took off. Still, Henry Ford was very active in the Fordson tractors and later co-founded New Holland tractors. When it comes to restoring some of the most popular collector's tractors, Ford ranks high in popularity. Because of this, antique Ford tractor parts enjoy a very active market, even though most of them are in the hands of private sellers who might have an old Ford tractor on the family farm.

If you are considering restoring antique tractors, the Ford 8N tractor is a good one to consider, because of the popularity and the ease in getting antique Ford tractor parts to fit it. Finding a source to locate the listings by private sellers can be important, when it comes to completing a restoration, however.

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