For those in feeder calf farming, livestock scales are an invaluable part of your operation. When it comes to feeding calves to a certain weight for auction, it is important that you have them fattened to the most desired weight for the best profit. Scales are important, when you are selling by the weight, whether it is feeder cows, beef cattle or pork. If your livestock scales go on the fritz, it is hard to know what your capital investment is, and you have to decide what part of the scales are malfunctioning.

Animal scales need to be certified and legal for trade, when it comes to this industry, so scale malfunctions are not something you can afford to risk. If your scales go down, you will need to find a source quickly to replace them or find parts to repair them.

Some scales are holding pens that are capable of holding 8 to 10 head on 1000lb. cattle, measuring 8 foot by 10 foot respectively, however, you can get individual animal scales that measure 3 foot by 8 foot. Usually, they will have gating to confine the animals to get a true weight. In addition, there will be loading ramps and then the electronic scale display, so if a part of your scales is not working, it could end up being a costly replacement.

On the other hand, you might be able to find the individual components you need to repair your existing system, if you know where to look. There are different kinds of weight systems to choose from, so you might also find newer technology that is affordable, too. Chute scales are another type of weight system that can make it easier to weigh and handle the livestock.

Since there are many farmers that are getting out of the farming industry, you might be able to find a great deal on livestock scales, if you know how to locate these private sellers that are liquidating their operations. Sometimes this can be difficult, because it is hard to know how to locate the listings. In fact, you could spend weeks looking, and you don't have that much time, when it comes to your farming operation and in that amount of time, any good, used scales will already be gone.

We offer a comprehensive compilation of the listings by private sellers, auctioneers or dealers to make it quicker and easier to find these listings. Not only does this save time, but you can sometimes find a great deal, if you are able to locate the listings that fit your needs. As a reliable resource, our website specializes in listings of all kinds of farming operation equipment for sale.

When you have an emergency, or just have decided that you need to upgrade your existing livestock scales, our wesite can help you locate listings of equipment for sale, quickly and easily. If it is on the market, we might have a listing for it, and since the marketplace can change daily, you never know what kinds of deals you will find on the equipment you need.

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Pelouze-Rubbermaid Hanging Livestock Scale 50 lb PayPal

Pelouze-Rubbermaid Hanging Livestock Scale 50 lb

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